Lesson Plan
Any Level See Adaptions
Materials Needed: Cellphones with a camera and text messaging or email capability. Need at least one computer in classroom to get drafts typed in.

Warm Up
Beginning Levels: Review Clothing items, colors and basic styles
Intermediate Levels: Review clothing items, colors, basic styles, materials and any other necessary vocabulary for students to be able to describe clothing.

Presentation (Day 1 and 2)
  • Present a model for students as a reading activity. Most effective models are written by the instructor.
  • Ensure comprehension of the model (ask students basic questions about the model)
  • Have students take pictures with their cellphone and practice texting them to the instructor using their cellphones. If some students do not have texting as part of their cellphone, have them work in groups with those that do. For those students who have smartphones, use a photo sharing site and students can upload their photos directly to the photo sharing site.
  • Homework: Students go home, take picture of their favorite piece of clothing in their closet. This can be done with hats, bags, t-shirts, jewelery etc (Note in the models that men had no problem writing about their clothing item.)
Practice (Day 3)
  • In pairs or small groups, students share their photos. (Be sure to develop questions based on your level. Beginning level classes may only answer what, where and when.Make a handout to guide them using some of the following questions:
    • What did you take a picture of?
    • Describe your item: (color, style, material)
    • Where did you buy this item?
    • When did you buy this item
    • Why did you choose this item?
  • Share select stories with the whole class
  • Homework: Students write paragraphs (It is ok for beginning level students to only write a few sentences such as This is a picture of my favorite dress. My mother gave it to me when I was 10. It is blue and I wear it a lot. I love my dress.)
Evaluation:(Day 4)
  • Have groups edit work. I use Google docs and have students share their doc with me so that it is easy for me to put them together for a publication in the application setting.
  • Help groups with editing by providing a checklist of things to look for. (Create a writing checklist at http://4teachers.org/projectbased/24wrt.shtml)
  • Homework: Students rewrite paragraphs
Either you or students can compile stories into a student publication to share with the class or school.